5 Filipino Globe-Trotters Who Will Inspire You To Travel the World

Have you ever put off that dream vacation for what now seems like a silly reason? Perhaps you didn’t want to spend so much on airplane tickets, or maybe you wanted to save more before taking the leap to another country. “Next year,” you say to yourself, but that day never comes.

If this is you – and let’s be honest, this is most of us – here are 5 Filipino globe-trotters who will inspire you to pack up your bags, head for the nearest airport, and take to the skies for the adventure of a lifetime. Together they are redefining how and why Filipinos travel, not just abroad but even here at home in our own backyard.

Aileen Adalid – De La Salle alumnus Adalid was recently profiled in international publication, Business Insider, and it’s for good reason: At 21, she quit her job in the corporate world to live the life most people would only dream of after retirement – she travels the world almost full-time, documenting her non-stop journey in a personal blog.

And the best part? She funds her travels entirely through her ecommerce startup, Adalid Gear, which earns over $70,000 a month (that’s almost 3,500,000 pesos!).

Here she is living it up in Belgium!


April Cuenca – When most people think of traveling the Philippines, they often automatically default to resort-laden beaches. Cuenca has been encouraging both locals and foreigners to look beyond the usual hotspots like Boracay or Baler with her Ideaspace-backed startup, FlipTrip, which encourages trips to off-the-beaten-path destinations. There’s a social element at play here: You get to help all the Filipino businesses along the route who typically don’t get much in the way of tourist traffic.

Cuenca also walks the walk. She visited all 81 provinces in the Philippines by the end of 2015, becoming the youngest women to achieve the feat!

Here is Cuenca (third from the right) at one of FlipTrip’s regular travel-related meetups.


Jessica Cox – Cox is the ultimate embodiment of the saying: Kung may gusto, may paaran. The motivational speaker was born armless, but that did not stop her from getting her black belt in Taekwondo, and most impressively, becoming the world’s first armless pilot.

She is able to fly a light aircraft at an altitude of up to 10,000 feet, and she has traveled the world as a motivational speaker, under her own brand, Jessica Cox Motivational Services. She is one of the most in-demand speakers no matter what country she heads off to.

Here is a picture of Cox on her plane.


Chino Roque – The Philippines does not have a space program, and it will likely not have one in the near future, but that has not stopped De La Salle graduate Roque from taking to the skies, and then some. In 2015, Roque flew to outer space with the help of the Axe Apollo Space Academy, becoming the first Filipino to do so. In taking the trip, Roque also became the Filipino to have been furthest from the Earth (talk about being an OFW!).

Though we need not all go into outer space, Roque is a living testament that we should conquer our fears when we travel the world.

Here he is proudly bearing our Filipino flag!


Josh Mahinay – As much as traveling can be an opportunity to relax, it can also be an opportunity to give back, and Mahinay is shining proof of that. Mahinay is the co-founder and CEO of BAG943, which follows the 1-for-1 model popularized by TOMs Shoes: For every backpack you buy from BAG943, the social enterprise donates 1 to a student in need.

So where exactly does the traveling come in? When BAG943 has a lot of bags to give out, they make trips to far-flung provinces in the Philippines to give them to the children face to face. Talk about inspirational!

Here is Mahinay at one of the distributions.


Did we miss out on any inspiring Filipino travelers? Comment them below!

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