MyCape is an airline revenue management solution that helps generate incremental revenue by enabling airlines to sell space-available seats out of their surplus inventory without dilution risks.

Making spoilage risks a thing of the past

Airline Revenue Manager's Dilemma

Every revenue manager's objective is to end up with a healthy mix of high-paying and discount leisure travelers. As the revenue manager, you know very well that it's not just about simply filling up your flights.

Constantly, you're working to balance a complex set of factors in order to achieve a healthy ratio. However, in the process of doing so, you're also taking significant risks. Either you fill up your planes too early - therefore losing opportunity from your last-minute premium fares or worst, your planes end up flying with empty seats. To the best of your ability, there are just unavoidable difficulties that for a lot of times, you're only making revenue out of the 80% of your flight capacity.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there. In the industry today given a certain mix of passengers, airlines need to fill their planes at an average of 75% just to break even. As the revenue manager, you can imagine how hard it is to recover losses from non-performing flights; not to mention the revenue opportunity that lies beyond the 80%.

MyCape to the rescue for the revenue manager - an automated system that boosts revenue without dilution. How do we do it? We take unused inventory and make it available exclusively through a bidding process where market dynamics of last-minute travel drive revenue.

With our patent-pending technology, our mobile app and airline platform provides revenue managers the flexibility to handle demand/supply gaps better - while we catch those would end up to be unsold. 

Position yourself to win

State-of-the-art revenue management controls that works effectively alongside with your existing strategies

Your competitive advantage on pricing and revenue management

Zero-commitment Seats

Set rules to only confirm seats to the highest bidders when your top booking classes are about to get spoiled

Separate Sales Channel

Standalone Business Rules

Tap an entirely new leisure customer segment late in the booking cycle - those who would otherwise not fly

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