Simple Tips On Packing A Week’s Worth In A Carryon

Simple Tips On Packing A Week’s Worth In A Carryon

We all have been stuck at one point or another (some more often than most!) trying to pack for an upcoming trip but end up packing more than we intended resulting in multiple pieces of luggage for one trip. Not only do we rarely even use the extra “just in case” or the “I’ll wear it at one point or another” but with luggage fees constantly rising, that extra outfit or two will surely cost you a pretty penny. There are many tips and tricks out there as well as tutorials on packing the perfect carryon and we’re going to give you the best ones that we use to guarantee our week is packed in one small suitcase.


Everyone has gotten to their destination at least once and realized they left something behind. If it’s something minor such as a toothbrush, you can typically ask the front desk at a hotel if they have one available as most have complimentary toiletries available for their guests. But forgetting an important necessity such as prescription medication is not so minor as some doctors may not call in an emergency refill or even the simple fact your pharmacy may not be anywhere to be found especially when visiting overseas.
Organize your lists with documents you will need (passport, flight tickets and medical ID cards) checking them off as you pack them.


When deciding what to pack, go through your items with the idea of ‘Needs, Wants and Wishes’. What items do you absolutely need? (ie: Underwear, socks etc), Which pieces do you really want to pack? (ie: a hat or pair of boots you really like to match an outfit), and lastly What items are you wishing to take with you? (ie: “these jeans are really snug but I’ll make sure I’ll get into them while I’m there”).
Realistically, if there is an item that doesn’t fit you properly or comfortably you’re less likely to wear it even if packed. If you really think you’re going to lose a pound or two to get into a snug outfit, think about if that pair a jeans is worth wasting your trip worrying about trying to fit into them.


Many airlines allow a complimentary personal item for each traveler during their flight as long as it can fit underneath the seat. With this being said, why waste this opportunity by bringing a tiny purse? Carry a tote that you can squish to fit underneath as well as keep an extra outfit that doesn’t take up space (shorts and a tank), a set of underwear and your medicine and toiletries in case of the terrible occurrence that luggage is lost. Inside of the tote also carry your important documents for easy access and that small purse you originally wanted to travel with for when you reach your destination. Instead of trying to fit hats or jackets, wear them on to the plane and remove when inside.


Find items that you can use a couple of times that can be mix matched and have the ability to create multiple looks. I typically pack basic colors and dress it up with accessories to transform the look…black tank top with khaki shorts and sandals one day, then the same black tank top with a flowy skirt and wedges another. Avoid packing items with elaborate prints or color combinations that won’t allow you to create another look for your getaway. When it comes to basic jeans and shorts, you realistically need one pair, two at most, as you can also wear these items a couple of times saving you a fair amount of space in your luggage.


For years we’ve heard rolling our clothing in our luggage was the best way to travel but there is an even better way to achieve the perfect carryon and that is layering.  Start off by placing small items such as accessories, undergarments, and tank tops in the base of your luggage in between those metal bars which is typically wasted space. Next, fold your bottoms in half except items that can be placed flat without folding. After your bottoms are packed, begin placing your tops flat, only folding in sleeves and excess that may be sticking out. Lastly, if you are bringing multiple pairs of shoes, wrap them in separate bags in order to keep your clothing clean and your shoes from rolling around in your luggage. Once this is complete, you’re ready to arrive at your destination without the inconvenience of bulging luggage or wrinkled clothing.

Traveling should be as stress free as possible, so skip the hassle and cost of flying with multiple pieces of luggage and follow these simple tips to keep your weeks worth of travel into a single carryon and enjoy the flight!


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